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Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

Sports trophies

Story of the trophies

These trophies were awarded to year 6 children up to 1990 for a variety of achievements including music, sport and contribution to school life.

The Montague Russell Trophy

The Montague Russell Trophy 1

This cup was presented to the school in 1955 by Monty’s parents, in memory of their son who tragically drowned in the river while he was a pupil at Brownlow.

The cup was at first presented to either a boy or a girl for their public spirit during their last year at school, but with the arrival of the Brownlow Cup, it became an award for boys.

The Brownlow Challenge Cup

The Brownlow Challenge Cup 1

This was awarded to the girl making the outstanding contribution of the year to the life of the school. It was presented by R.W. Brownlow JP MBE in 1959.

Our school is named after Mr R.W. Brownlow and his son Mr J.E. Brownlow for their long and devoted service to the cause of education in Melton Mowbray.

The Kovach Cup

The Kovach Cup 1

This trophy was presented to the school by the Kovach family when their daughter Deborah left in 1971.

It was awarded to a boy or girl for the effort they put in to all school activities.

The Westbury Shield

The Westbury Shield 1

The Westbury family had four sons, three of whom attended Brownlow (Glyn, Carl and Lee) before the family moved to Leicester. All were very keen footballers, Carl being one of the very best to represent Brownlow. Mrs Westbury hardly ever missed a Brownlow match, home or away.

The Boys' Sports Cups

The Boys' Sports Cups 1

The original cup on the left started as the boys' cricket cup but then became an award for all-around sporting ability. With no room left for new names, a new trophy was introduced in 1983.

The Music Cups

The Music Cups 1

Three separate cups have been awarded through the years. The Turbayne Cup on the left is the oldest starting in 1954. The small cup on the right has no name but the tallest cup in the centre is the Parkinson Music Cup. It was presented by John Parkinson who was the former Chairman of the School Governing Body and whose children Antony, Julie and Peter attended Brownlow.

The Girls' Sports Cups

The Girls' Sports Cups 1

The smaller trophy was first awarded in 1958. In 1987 the Graves family donated a new Girls' Sports Trophy. Their daughters Karla, Elise and Chloe all attended Brownlow and their mother Sonia (nee Morris) won the older trophy in 1960.

The A and NC Swimming Cup

The A and NC Swimming Cup 1

This was donated by the Cramp family whose sons Anthony and Nicholas were both very able swimmers.

The Primary Boys Football Cup and The Brownlow Netball Cup

The Primary Boys Football Cup and The Brownlow Netball Cup 1

The Primary Boys Football cup was awarded to the winners of the house football competition. It is the oldest trophy first presented to Staveley in 1951.

This would have been at the Melton Primary Boys School the year before Brownlow School came into existence. The trophy continued to be presented until 1995.


The Brownlow Netball Cup was awarded to the winners of the house netball competition from 1960 to 1990.