Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

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Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

The Leadership Team:


Damien Turrell - Executive Headteacher

Rob Campbell - Deputy Headteacher

Marian Wiggin - Assistant Headteacher and SENDCO


The Teaching Team:


Early Years Foundation Stage:

Sarah Child - Reception Teacher and Senior Leader

Lesley Race - Reception Teacher

Sarah Evans - Reception Teacher

Helen Ray - Reception Teacher and Cover Supervisor

Abby Beckwith - Teaching Assistant

Sue Robinson - Teaching Assistant

Mollie Brooks - Apprentice Teaching Assistant


Key Stage One:

Emma Easters - Year 1 Teacher

Helen Langlands - Year 1 SCITT student

Jennifer Edwards - Year 1 Teacher

Amy Hanrahan - Year 1 Teacher

Katie Cragg - Teaching Assistant

Mandy Czuchaj - Teaching Assistant


Hayley Adams  - Year 2 Teacher and Senior Leader

Hannah Adams - Year 2 Teacher

Kirsty Lane - Year 2 Teacher

Sarah Musson - Year 2 Teacher

Emma Townsend - Teaching Assistant

Rosina Rogers - Teaching Assistant

Julie Townsend - Teaching Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2:

Rebecca Allen - Year 3 Teacher

Claire Goodman - Year 3 Teacher

Bridget Ingle - Year 3 Teacher

Tracey Cockburn - Year 3 Teacher

Cathy Jowett - Year 3 Teacher

Debbie Brown - Teaching Assistant

Dawn Ball - Teaching Assistant

Geraldine Anderson - Teaching Assistant


Janet Thacker - Year 4 Teacher and Senior Leader

Jo Challis - Year 4 Teacher

Naomi Clayton - Year 4 Teacher

Lorraine Corkan - Year 4 Teacher

Ros Cooley - Teaching Assistant

Amelia Bailey - Apprentice Teaching Assistant



Upper Key Stage 2:

Julie Bowen - Year 5 Teacher and Senior Leader

Karen Lambert - Year 5 Teacher

Julia Penfold - Year 5 Teacher

Carmel Rolph - Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Hayes - Apprentice Teaching Assistant


Vicky Parker - Year 6 Teacher and Senior Leader

Heather Webb - Year 6 Teacher

Rachael Smith - Year 6 Teacher

Bev Jackson - Teaching Assistant

Rachel Hancock - Teaching Assistant

Sami Farmer - Teaching Assistant


The Support Team:

Office and Administrative Staff:

Sally Hazeldine - Administration Officer

Jo Cort - Administration Assistant

Tina Culley - Administration Assistant

Emma Roe - Librarian and Reprographics


Premises Staff:

Eddie Klein - Premises Officer

Peter Cort - Assistant Premises Officer


Midday Staff:

Brian Barrow - Deputy Midday Manager

Nick Carter - Midday Manager

Rachel Hare

Sally Lane

Julie Lowe

Samantha Paton

Kirstine Smith