Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

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Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

Who's Who

Meet the Team

The Leadership Team:


Mr Ian Toon ~ Headteacher 

Mrs Vicky Sellars - Assistant Headteacher

Miss Sarah Child - Assistant Headteacher & SENDCo

Ms Sandie Hart - Inclusion and Pastoral Manager 

Mrs Hayley Adams - KS1 Leader

Mrs Julie Bowen - KS2 Leader


Reception (EYFS)

Mrs Helen Ray - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Miss Taylor Craven - Teacher

Miss Hannah Cunningham - Teacher

Mrs Abby Beckwith - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Robinson - Teaching Assistant

Miss Katie Cragg - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sabrina Kinghorn - Teachng Assistant


Year 1

Mrs Sarah Evans - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Mrs Helen Langlands - Teacher

Mrs Sarah Musson - Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Corkan - Teacher

Miss Amy Hanrahan - Teacher

Mrs Emma Townsend - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Debbie Brown - Teaching Assistant


Year 2

Mrs Hayley Adams  - Teacher and Senior Leader

Mrs Hannah Adams - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Mrs Jo Challis - Teacher

Miss Rachel Hancock - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Geraldine Anderson - Teaching Assistant


Year 3

Mrs Julie Bowen - Teacher, Year Band Lead and Senior Leader

Miss Jenny Edward - Teacher

Mr George Rhodes - Teacher

Mrs Pam Chaldecott - Teacher

Mrs Ros Cooley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Townsend - Teaching Assistant


Year 4

Mrs Heather Webb - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Mrs Nicky Kenned-Magg - Teacher

Mrs Claire Goodman - Teacher

Mrs Pam Chaldecott - Teacher

Mrs Mandy Czuchaj - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Steggles - Teaching Assistant


Year 5

Miss Julia Penfold - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Mr Andy Durrant - Teacher

Mr Jamie Palmer - Teacher

Mrs Carmel Rolph - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dawn Ball - Teaching Assistant



Year 6

Ms Rachael Smith - Teacher and Year Band Leader

Mrs Sophie Miller - Teacher

Mrs Nicky Davis - Teacher

Mrs Bev Jackson - Teaching Assistant


PPA Teacher Team

Mrs Rebecca Allen

Mrs Kirsty Lane

Mrs Tracey Cockburn


Pastoral Team

Ms Sandie Hart

Mrs Lisa Bunting

Ms Sami Farmer

Mrs Rosina Rogers


Cover Supervisor

Mrs Hayley Townend


Office and Administrative Team

Mrs Sally Hazeldine - Administration Officer

Mrs Jo Cort - Administration Assistant

Mrs Tina Culley - Administration Assistant

Mrs Emma Roe - Librarian and Reprographics


Premises Team

Mr Eddie Klein - Premises Officer

Mr Peter Cort - Assistant Premises Officer


Midday Team

Mr Nick Carter - Midday Manager

Mr Brian Barrow - Deputy Midday Manager

Mrs Rachel Hare

Mrs Sally Lane

Mrs Samantha Paton

Mrs Sarah Gallagher

Mrs Jayne Walsh

Mrs Carla Ashmore

Mrs Marie Healey

Mrs Debbie Child

Mrs Diane Pearson