Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

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Brownlow Primary School

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

Who's Who

Meet the Team

The Senior Leadership Team:


Mrs Vicky Sellars - Head Teacher (Academic and Upper School)

Miss Sarah Child -  Head of School (Inclusion and Lower School)

Ms Sandie Hart - Pastoral and Inclusion Manager 

Mrs Hannah Adams - Head of Early Years

Mrs Hayley Adams - Head of KS1 

Mrs Julie Bowen - Head of KS2 



Reception (EYFS)

Mrs Hannah Adams - Classteacher and Head of EYFS

Miss Hannah Cunningham - Classteacher

Mr George Rhodes - Classteacher

Mrs Katie Hadingham - Teaching Associate

Miss Katie Cragg - Teaching Associate 

Mr Nick Carter - Teaching Associate


Year 1

Miss Taylor Craven - Classteacher and Head of Year 1

Miss Shannon Riley - Classteacher

Mr Andrew Hull - Classteacher 

Miss Charlotte Clater - Teaching Associate

Miss Rachel Hare - Teaching Associate


Year 2

Mrs Hayley Adams - Classteacher and Head of Year 2

Miss Haseen Kalsi  - Classteacher

Mr James Cockerill - Classteacher

Mrs Emma Townsend ~ Teaching Associate and SEND Support 

Mrs Geraldine Anderson ~ Teaching Associate

Mrs Debbie York - Teaching Associate


Year 3

Mrs Julie Bowen - Classteacher and Head of Year 3 

Mr Kurt Setchell - Classteacher

Mrs Jo Challis - Classteacher

Mrs Abby Beckwith - Teaching Associate

Miss Cara Anderson - Teaching Associate & SEND Support


Year 4

Mrs Claire Goodman - Classteacher and Co-Head of Year 4

Mrs Heather Webb - Classteacher and Co-Head of Year 4

Mr Pierce Hallam - Classteacher 

Mrs Jenny Edwards - Classteacher

Mrs Debbie Brown - Teaching Associate

Mrs Emma Preston ~ Teaching Associate and SEND Support  


Year 5

Mrs Zoe Macefield - Classteacher and Head of Year 5

Mrs Natalie Jones - Classteacher

Mr Ed Davies - Classteacher

Mrs Jennie Brackley - Classteacher

Mrs Mandy Czuchaj - Teaching Associate 

Mrs Samantha Paton - Teaching Associate


Year 6

Ms Rachael Smith - Classteacher and Head of Year 6

Mrs Sophie Miller - Classteacher

Miss Julia Penfold - Classteacher 

Mrs Christine Goddard-Urch - Teaching Associate

Mrs Rebecca Needham - Teaching Associate

Mrs Dawn Ball - Teaching Associate


Additional Teacher Team and in-house PPA Support

Mrs Kirsty Lane  and Mrs Helen Ray - Music Teachers

Mr Jay - Sports Coach 

Mrs Cassie Grimes  - French Specialist Teacher 

Mrs Sarah Musson - Precision Teaching & Phonics catch up programme

Miss Jasmine Gant - Computing Specialist

Mr Tony Rifugiato - Brass Teacher (Whole Class Teaching in Year 4) 


Pastoral Team

Ms Sandie Hart ~ Pastoral and Inclusion Manager

Mrs Lisa Bunting ~ Pastoral and Nurture Specialist Leader 

Miss Rachel Hancock ~ Nurture Support 

Mrs Rosina Rogers ~ ELSA


Office and Administrative Team

Mrs Sally Hazeldine - Office Manager 

Mrs Kelly Morris - Office Administrator 

Mrs Emma Roe - Librarian and Admin support


Estates Management Team

Mr Andrew Needham - Senior Trust Facilities Officer


Midday Team

Mr Nick Carter - Midday Manager

Mrs Sally Lane

Mrs Sarah Pryor

Mrs Carla Ashmore

Miss Marie Healey

Miss Cara Anderson 

Miss Louise Callaghan